Simple models systems as a context for biology and science curriculum


Simple Models Systems as a context for biology and science curriculum

We have been discussing this topic.

Let us try to document the ideas and discuss them here further to create a replicatable effect on our science education in general and biology education in particular.

We have been so far working with several simple model organisms: Moina (water flea), Drosophila (fruit fly), Hydra, Earthworm, C. elegans, Snails, Rotifers, microorganisms at the doorstep (pagalpos), Cardamine, Mango phenology, and so on.

May I suggest to start our discussion by asking what topics of biology can we discuss in the context of meeting the short-term objective of learning to maintain and culture model systems. To initiate the discussion I have made the following mindmap:

Please contribute your ideas and improve the map. We will later take up a specific model system in a separate thread.

After completing the short-term objectives, we will takeup the logn-term objectives and more detailed connections to the curriculum of each model system.

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