DIY Standalone Anemometer


What is Anemometer?

Anemometer is a device used to measure wind speed. A Cup Anemometer is one of the basic types of anemometer which uses the cup structure to collect the wind and make the structure rotate.

The number of rotations are calculated in a given interval of time to record how fast wind is moving.

Anemometers are mostly used as one of the device in Weather Station.


What will be the learning exposure?

  1. Physical Computing using Arduino.

  2. Mechanics.

  3. Hardware Interfacing.

  4. Making things from waste and scratch.

Materials Required

Requirements for Making Cup Structure Items Quantity
1 Plastic Ball 2
2 Bicycle Spoke 1
3 625zz Ball Bearing 2
3 Small Plastic water bottle 1
4 Round Kulfi stick 1
5 Small Plastic Jar 1
6 Injection 1


Note: For making structure one can use the alternative materials available nearby areas. For example one can use the bearing from the cheap fidget spinner.

Electronics Requirement Items Quantity
1 Arduino Pro Mini (3.3v) 1
2 IR Speed Measuring Sensor 1
3 Oled (0.96 inc) 128x64 1
4 Slide On/Off switch 1
5 9v Battery 1
6 9v Battery connector 1
7 Female to Female Connector 10

Tools Requirement Items Quantity
1 Glue Gun with Glue sticks 1+2
2 Mini Saw 1
3 Fevikwick 1
4 Soldering Iron 1
5 Angle Protector 1
6 Pen / Marker 1