Astronomy Education Nature of Science Use this topic for method of science, structure of scientific knowledge, discussion about scientific practice, … Concept Inventories Assessments specially designed to diagnose gaps in understanding. Maths Education Mathematics education may include problems in learning, assessing arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, algebra, calculus, matrices, … CUBE Category for those topics that are relevant for Collaboratively Understanding Biology Education (CUBE) program. Model systems, model organisms, designing experiments, maintaining model organisms in simple micro-environmentss, causery, collaboration, … Chemstry Education Chemistry education includes topics like structure of atom, chemical reactions, various kinds of elements, molecules, solutions, materials, metals/non-metals, acids, bases, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, … History of Science Use this category for history of science, scientists, their life, significant events in science and technology, scientific revolution, stories about inventions and discoveries … Philosophy of Science This category overlaps with “nature of science”. Interpretation of science, discussion of if there is any method/s in science, how to demarcate science from non-science, objectivity in science, does science deal with truth, reasons, explanations in science, are scientific explanations rational/empirical, nature of empirical knowledge, nature of experiments, epistemic values of science, esthetic, ethical values of science … Biology Education This category is used for OER Use this for topics on Open Educational Resources (OER), Creative Commons related discussion. Research Methodology Methods of research in STEM education; Qualitative and Quantitative Methods; Content Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Classroom Observations, Observation Protocols … Physics Education Use this category for science education topics about matter, motion, energy, light, electricity, magnetism, measurement of physical quantities, atomic structure, quantum and classical mechanics, relativity, … Science Education Under this category we shall discuss problems in learning and teaching of science. This may include misconceptions research, conceptual change, discipline based issues, representation of knowledge, experiments, activity based, project based, design based studies, STEM education, assessments, tinkering …
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